Learn the Jobava London

Learn the Jobava London

The Jobava London system is a chess opening named after the Georgian grandmaster Baadur Jobava, who has had success using it in his games. It is a flexible system, where white can end up launching attacks on both the king and queenside.

The central idea behind the Jobava London system is to occupy the d4 square with a pawn and place the bishop on the f4 square, aiming to control the center of the board and put pressure on the opponent's pawns. Importantly, the knight goes to c3 in the Jobava London, and thus, allows for attacking chances on the pawn on c7 with the bishop.

One of the key advantages of the Jobava London system is that it allows for a quick development of the minor pieces, particularly the knights. The knights can be brought into the game via the f3 and c3 squares, allowing for quick attacks on the opponent's queenside and kingside.

One of the main drawbacks of the Jobava London system is that it can leave the center somewhat vulnerable to attack, particularly if the opponent is able to play c5. However, we can usually prevent this by gaining quick initiative and forcing black to defend from the start, leaving them no options to attack!

Overall, the Jobava London system is a solid and flexible opening that can be used by players of all levels. It offers a good balance between solidity and aggressiveness, and can be a powerful weapon. Learn more about the Jobava, with the provided PGN file and linked youtube video!

Study the Jobava London with this PGN file

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