Chess Openings

The Opening

A chess opening refers to the first moves played in a chess game. These starting moves are crucial to having success in the game later on. The very best openings tend to follow the three main rules below:

1) Controlling the center. It is very essential to take control of this center within the first few moves of the game, as the center allows you to access more parts of the board

2) Develop your pieces. After the first dozen or so moves, your opponent will start to attack you with all their forces. Therefore bringing your pieces to good squares in the start of the game is important so you can defend attacks, and create some of your own.

3) Castling (protecting your king). Up until the very end of the game, you want your king tucked away and as safe as possible. By castling quickly you can position your king in a safe square where all attacks will be much more difficult to orchestrate.

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Opening Guides

Enjoy a collection of 75+ opening video guides, where each one is a digestible 10-20 minute video, covering the key lines, ideas, and concepts that define the opening. Do you want a specific opening? Chances are, we have you covered! But if not, do not hesitate to use the button above to suggest an opening for Chess Geek to cover!

Opening Masterclasses

Want to learn an opening much more deeply? Then the free Opening Masterclasses are the way to go! 10+ part series, which teach you how to master an opening! Currently, Chess Geek has 2 opening masterclasses.