Pawn Endgames

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Each video covers one unique aspect of pawn endgames! You can watch these in any order, but here is my recommendation:

Lesson 1: Opposition

Lesson 2: Rule of the Square

Lesson 3: Pawn Races 

Lesson 4: Pawn Breakthroughs

Lesson 5: Mined Squares

Lesson 6: Shouldering

Lesson 7: Reti's Idea

Lesson 8: Triangulation

Lesson 9: Zugzwang

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Here are some of the many, many example positions we will explore and learn from!

About Pawn Endgames

Pawn endgames are a crucial aspect of chess that every aspiring player should master. As the name suggests, these endgames involve pawns as the primary pieces on the board, and they occur when the other pieces have been exchanged. Despite their simple appearance, pawn endgames are known for their complexity and strategic depth. The ability to play well in pawn endgames can often be the difference between winning and losing a game. In fact, many games are decided in the pawn endgame phase. Therefore, it is essential for chess players to have a solid understanding of pawn endgames and the tactics and strategies associated with them. In this masterclass, through many quick but effective videos, each covering one aspect of pawn endgames, we will explore the fundamentals of pawn endgames, including the basic principles, common positions, and techniques used to gain an advantage.