End Game

The Endgame

Once you play through the opening, and progress through the middle game, you reach the end game. This tends to be a very simplistic position. Sometimes, both queens are missing from the board. Other times the queens and a few pawns are all you have left. Regardless this is a very important phase of the game.

This section of the Chess Geek website will provide common End Game positions and ideas to help you go from a even position to a win. Read and watch about the various topics, and good luck!

Endgame Guides

Enjoy a collection of endgame concepts and ideas, to learn individual endgame principles. Each is a quick video that introduces and explains the concepts.

Master the Endgame

Are you more ambitious? Want to completely master the endgame, from the most basic concepts all the way to the complex Knight+Bishop checkmate, and everything in between? Then the free "100 Endgames You Must Know" Masterclass course by Chess Geek is for you! We cover this entire classic endgame book!