Chess Traps

Chess Traps

There is nothing more rewarding in chess than winning with a trap. You play what seems like a blunder and set up the trap. Your opponent quickly "capitalizes" on that "blunder" . You show him that special move you had up your sleeve and watch his jaw drop.

Even though traps are not likely to occur in high level chess, when you play beginner - medium players traps can easily win you pieces (or even games!)

Below you will find many traps you can try out! Some traps are more risky. This means that if your opponent does not fall for it, your invested pieces and time go to waste. Others are completely safe and even if your opponent does not fall for them you land yourself at a decent position.

Regardless, I encourage you to check out the traps and play around with them in your own games!

Trap Guides

Enjoy a collection of trap video guides, to learn individual traps. Each is a quick & short video that introduces and explains the ideas and moves of the trap.